zaBuza is the gate between modern Japanese culture and traditional culture. A door between your Japan and the other one.

It is the change in the permanence, a perpetual renewal that keeps its previous steps alive.

It is the Japanese kanjis for “sit” and “not sit”, because my son loves the sound, and, because the artists love the vision embedded in these kanjis.

zaBuza is the assessment that Japanese artists love France and travelling around the world, but most of them can not live from their art. The assessment that foreigners love Japan.

We offer them an exposure, without pretending to be able to understand their art, without judging it.

We offer them an affordable way to transmit their expression of their artistic vision, a way that can reach the art lover or either the fan of Japan.

We offer it to you.

zaBUza is a media that aims to create cash flows for the artists, the local suppliers, the cultural non profit projects, and for us, in order to make this adventure a sustainable one.

A media that is an economical project but above all a human project.

A media that promotes the Japanese culture to link its past, its present and its future.

A media that we want see it growing, becoming engaged, and diversified in order to reach your feelings, to emote you, to love you.

zaBuza, the rising art.

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